SESSIONJAPANOVERSEASTOTALCountry/Region(alphabetical order)
The 1st25227Belgium, South Korea
The 2nd28129South Korea
The 3rd28533Poland, South Korea
The 4th25126South Korea
The 5th23730Belgium, China, Taiwan
The 6th24630Greece, Sweden, Taiwan
The 7th24832Belgium, Italy, Lithuania, Taiwan
The 8th26531Estonia, South Korea, Taiwan
The 9th25934Armenia, Germany, Greece, Taiwan
The 10thCategory -A27532Greece, Lithuania, Taiwan
Category -B28634Greece, Lithuania, Taiwan
The 11th25429Canada, South Korea
The 12th27431Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Taiwan
The 13th30232Sweden, Taiwan
The 14th30232South Korea, Taiwan
The 15th28432Lithuania, Russia, Taiwan
The 16th27330Hungary, Sweden, U.K.
The 17th29231South Korea, Taiwan
The 18th28533England, Macedonia, Taiwan, Venezuela
The 19th27229Israel, South Korea
The 20th30333Czech Republic, Taiwan
The 21st29534Germany, Netherlands, Taiwan
The 22nd30030N/A
The 23rd23730Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan
The 24th29130Taiwan
The 25th23730Belgium, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan
The 26th23730China, Taiwan
The 27th25328 Lithuania, South Korea
The 28th19928China, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan
The 29th21728China, Russia, Taiwan
The 30th23326Russia, Singapore
The 31st22527Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea
The 32nd171330China, Czech Republic, Latvia, South Korea
The 33rd21526China, Philippines
The 34th161228China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan
The 35th25530Germany, Latvia, Taiwan
The 36th18018N/A
The 37th22022N/A

※The number of choirs is cumulative. Some choirs have entries in several categories.

※Special rules were made for the 10th contest, as a commemoration contest.
Category-A...music pieces composed during the Renaissance and Baroque periods.
Category-B...music pieces except Category A.