*Judges evaluate the following 4 scoring items.
a) Intonation
b) Sound Quality of the choir
c) Fidelity to the score
d) Overall artistic impression


(1) Each Judge gives a score from 0 to 100 points to each of the four items.
(2) The average score is calculated from the sum total of the four items.
(3) The average score of five judges will be the choir's final score. (The highest score is 100 points.)

・Judges are allowed to give a score for one place of decimals.
・The same score may be given to more than one choir in any score (score for each scoring item, average score and final score).
・The criteria for each prize is as follows.
Final Score
~69 points  Encouragement award(Out of selection for any award)
70 points~  Bronze
80 points~  Silver
90 points~  Gold


3-1. To the public
・Overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize winners, each prize(*) and choirs nominated for the special concert, will be announced at the Awarding ceremony. Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes will be announced in order of highest scores.
・The final scores of each choir, overall first to third prizes and other prizes will be published on the Takarazuka Foundation for Culture Promotion's website.

(*) Hyogo Governor's Award, Takarazuka Mayor's Award, The Education Superintendent of Takarazuka City Board of Education Award, Audience Award, Gold Prize, Silver Prize, Bronze Prize.

3-2. To the competing choirs
・Choirs will be informed of their final score, scores of each item by each judge in a written form.
・Each choir will be notified of their own scores and not those of other choirs.
・No written critique will be given. (Individual judge review will be held separately.)