TICC News (English)

In addition to application by mail, you can also apply for preliminary audition online.
Please read “How to enter preliminary audition” below.

★How to enter preliminary audition online
1.Fill in the application form below and submit it.
2.Upload sound files and repertoire list (in excel format) using Dropbox. Or send a recorded CD-R with a repertoire list to the contest committee by post.

Application form

★How to upload your sound files
Please upload your sound files through a file request page of Dropbox.
(1)Store the files and repertoire list with the names according to the rule.
(Please read "How-to-create your file name").
(2)In the file request page, click “choose files” and upload your sound files and an excel file of your song list.
*You can choose your language from the button in the bottom right corner of this page.
For details, please see Dropbox website.
*Sound file must be “wav” or “mp3”.
Start uploading from here.

◆How-to-create your file name
Sound files should be named in the following order: Section – Choir name – song number**
Repertoire list(excel) file should be named in the following order: Section – Choir name
**Song number should be given in the same order as in the repertoire list.

Renaissance and baroque … a
Romantic era … b
Contemporary … c
Open … d

Sample: First song by Takarazuka Choir who enter Renaissance and Baroque section
a-Takarazuka choir-1.mp3

◆Repertoire list


★The address to send the repertoire list and CD-R (by POST):
Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest (TICC) Committee
c/o Takarazuka Vega Hall
Post code:665-0836
1-2-18 Kiyoshi-kojin, Takarazuka city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan