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The 35th Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest
-Conditions of Participation-

The Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest was first presented in 1984. Since then, the contest has been held for every year for chamber choirs who holds the original style of choral performance. Would you like to join us for the contest in Takarazuka, the renowned city of music, and sing in the beautiful hall? Choirs from any country can join this competition.

1. Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest In order to participate in the contest, you need to pass the preliminary screening.

Date: Chamber Chorus Contest  July 20th, 2019 Saturday 10:00-
    Special Concert       July 21st, 2019 Sunday  13:00-

Venue: Takarazuka Vega Hall
    1-2-18 Kiyoshikojin, Takarazuka City, Hyogo
    665-0836 JAPAN

Hosted by: City of Takarazuka,
      Takarazuka Foundation for Culture Promotion,
      Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest Committee

Provisional supporters:
    Hyogo prefecture, Takarazuka Board of Education, Asahi Newspaper,
    NHK Kobe, Japan Choral Association, Hyogo Choral Association,
    Takarazuka Int’l Friendship Association, Takarazuka Choral Association

Contest Categories:
◆Renaissance and Baroque / Choral pieces composed from 15th century to mid-18th century.
◆Romantic era / Choral pieces composed in the 19th century (1801~1900).
◆Contemporary / Choral pieces composed after 1901.
◆Open(Audience award) / The Open section offers a form of a chorus with an inventive idea that is not bound by the sections conventionally set by genre or age of music. We are looking for a choral performance, not only in a standard choral form, but also in an inventive form such as chorus with choreographed performance, in costumes, Folklore,a Show choir or a Barbershop that is seen in Europe and in the United States. Use of a microphones is not admitted.

 (1)Choirs with a minimum of 8 and maximum of 20 singers (Open section: Choirs with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 20), excluding a conductor and an accompanist.

 (2)A singer is not allowed to take part in the several choirs in the same section. A conductor and an accompanist are exceptional.Repertoire: There is not an obligatory piece set by the contest committee, however, songs must be selected from each categories, except for the open section. Any songs can be performed in the open section.

Instrumental accompaniment:
 A piano is available, however, please refrain from playing the piano in an unusual way, for example, prepared piano such as placing objects on/between the strings, plucking the strings with fingers, etc.,
Please get a permission from the contest committee if you use any other instruments.

Performance time:
 Less than 10 minutes per each category, except Open section (less than 6 minutes). There is no limit to the number of songs to be performed, but total performance time including intervals between songs must not exceed 10 minutes (6 minutes as for Open section).
 If your performance time exceeds the above mentioned time, you will be disqualified from the contest.
Performance time is from the moment when a conductor starts conducting the first song to the moment he/she stops conducting the last song.

Judging method:
 New Masuzawa Rule(Decision by ranking and a majority vote)
 A winner of the open section is selected by the majority vote by the audience who are able to listen to all the programs of the open section.

Participation fee: ¥20,000 per choir. (¥10,000 per choir for Open section)

 Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes are presented in each category.
 First prize (¥500,000), Second prize (¥300,000) and Third prize (¥100,000) in the overall competition are presented. In the open section, the audience’s special award is given to the choir winning the majority votes from the audience.

Special Concert: The prize winners of the contest are expected to perform on the stage of Special contest on the next day. However, we will need to pick out some choirs if there are too many winners.

 The contest committee subsidize the amount of 20,000yen per person for maximum 23 people of the choirs that the committee decided to invite for the contest. The participants must bear all the cost of travel, lodging and meals incurred for the contest.

Others: ・The lighting effects are not available at the contest.
    ・A piano pitch is 442Hz.

2. Preliminary screening
 The preliminary screening is held by the contest committee in order to select the choirs to participate in the contest. The order of appearance on stage is also decided by the committee.

Entry fee for preliminary screening: Free of charge

Application for the screening:
 Please fill out the requirements in the application form and submit along with a photo of your choir and CD recording under the following conditions. In case you apply for the several categories, you need to submit application form for each category.

(1) Please submit the CD recorded by the singers who participate in the contest. Only stereo recording is accepted.Please mark each track.

(2) Length of the recording time must be more than 3 minutes and less than 10 minutes (more than 3 minutes and less than 6 minutes for open section). Repertoire is selected freely. The number of songs is not limited. Songs must be selected from the songs of the category you apply for. In case you apply for several categories, please prepare a CD for each category.

(3) Please write the choir’s name clearly on the CD, CD case, and on the back of photos.

(4) CD and photo cannot be returned to you.

(5) The closing date of application is January 31, 2019.

(6) The result of screening will reach you around the beginning of March, 2019.

Addressee and Inquiry:
Takarazuka Vega Hall
Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest Committee
Person in charge of clerical work for the contest
(Please contact in English or Japanese.)
1-2-18 Kiyoshikojin, Takarazuka,
Hyogo 665-0836 JAPAN
Tel.: +81-797-84-6192 Fax: +81-797-84-9772
E-mail: ticc@takarazuka-c.jp

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