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Entry form


Application Guideline

Choir Size: Choirs with 4 - 24 singers, not including a conductor and accompanists
Age: not questioned
Voice part: optional
Number/Genres of songs: optional
Performance time: 6’00”-12’00”, including intervals
Accompanied instruments: optional/up to 3 instruments

Entry fee

The ‘Best performance award’, ‘Outstanding performance award’, ‘Good performance award’ are awarded to choirs according to the ranking determined by the juries. Also the choir with the highest number of votes from the audience will receive the ‘Audience award’. The winners will receive the diplomas in a PDF format by e-mail. No prize money or additional prizes will be awarded. The winner of the Best Performance award will qualify the 39th TICC (July, 2024) without preliminary screening. The award results will be announced on our website: https://takarazuka-c.jp/ticc_en/

Assessment method
How to select the Best performance, Outstanding performance and Good performance

1. The preliminary round
The first round of judging will be carried out by the TICC committee directors. They will cast votes for the majority of applicants whom they consider to be in the upper group out of the total applicants. The top 5 choirs with the highest votes will qualify next round. In case the number of votes of several applicants tie, more than 5 choirs may pass the first round.

2. The final round
Selected top 5 choirs will be assessed by juries of the TICC contest. The Best, Outstanding and Good performance award is given to choirs from the top rank. More than one choir will be allowed to be in the same rank.

Audience award
The performance of finalist will be made available to the public on YouTube from Saturday, July 1, 2023 to Saturday, July 22, 2023. The number of ‘likes’ will be counted as points. The choir who earned the most ‘likes’ during this period will receive the Audience award. More than one choir will receive the award in case the points are the same. The number of voting ‘likes’ per person or the number of choirs one person votes will not be limited.

Application method
1. Upload the video
Please create an account on YouTube if you do not have your account.
Upload your video in any format.
Add your choir name in English as a title.
Description section should be left empty.
Data format will not be questioned.
Please choose ‘unlisted’ from the privacy menu.
*Choirs who passed the preliminary round will be contacted by the secretary of the TICC committee and asked to change the visibility level from ‘unlisted’ to ‘public’.

2. Register your entry
You can apply online on the website. Fill out the entry form and submit.

3. Make payment for entry fee via PayPal
Please create an account with the PayPal for payment.
Send money to the address below. (Please select Japanese currency.)
Mail address: ticc@takarazuka-c.jp
Amount: JPY5,000

Notes on application
Only one entry per choir is allowed. Singers, conductors and accompanists are allowed to participate in other choirs.
Any video of virtual choral footage or any footage after sound editing (effect, etc.,) will not be accepted.
Please do not include tickers on the footage.
The video must be recorded after March 1st, 2022.
If more than two songs are performed in one footage, you can stop the camera between songs. However, please connect them and upload as one.
Please do not replace the video after submission.
Entries submitted by posts or outside the application period will not be accepted.
All costs associated with the production and submission of the video must be borne by applicants.
Entry fee is not refundable for any reason once payment is done.
Choirs expecting to participate in the 38th Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest are also eligible to apply for Online Category.

The application deadline:
23:59, Wednesday May 31, 2023

Music Copy Rights
Please consult with your local organization dealing with Music Copy rights.

For further information, please contact
Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest Committee
Takarazuka Vega Hall,
1-2-18 Kiyoshikojin, Takarazuka, Hyogo 665-0836 Japan
Tel: +81-797-84-6192 Fax: +81-797-84-9772
E-mail: ticc@takarazuka-c.jp

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