Past participationTICC

Past participation situation
  The country Foreign countries Total Overseas participating nations
The 1st 25groups 2groups 27groups Korea,Belgium
The 2nd 28groups 1group 29groups Korea
The 3rd 28groups 5groups 33groups Korea,Poland
The 4th 25groups 1group 26groups Korea
The 5th 23groups 7groups 30groups Belgium,China,Taiwan
The 6th 24groups 6groups 30groups Sweden,Greece,Taiwan
The 7th 24groups 8groups 32groups Italy,Belgium,Lithuania,Taiwan
The 8th 26groups 5groups 31groups Korea,Estonia,Taiwan
The 9th 25groups 9groups 34groups Greece,Armenia,Germany,
 The 10
27groups 5groups 32groups Lithuania,Greece,Taiwan
28groups 6groups 34groups Lithuania,Greece,Taiwan
The 11th 25groups 4groups 29groups Korea,Canada
The 12th 27groups 4groups 31groups Estonia,Belguim,Denmark,
The 13th 30groups 2groups 32groups Sweden,Taiwan
The 14th 30groups 2groups 32groups Korea,Taiwan
The 15th 28groups 4groups 32groups Lithuania,Russia,Taiwan
The 16th 27groups 3groups 30groups Sweden,England,Hungary
The 17th 29groups 2groups 31groups Korea,Taiwan
The 18th 28groups 5groups 33groups England,Venezuela,Macedonia,
The 19th 27groups 2groups 29groups Israel,Korea
The 20th 30groups 3groups 33groups CzechRepublic,Taiwan
※1group of Taiwan abstained(Due to SARS)
The 21th 29groups 5groups 34groups Netherlands,Germany,Taiwan
The 22th 30groups 0group 30groups  
The 23th 23groups 7groups 30groups Indonesia,Philippines,Taiwan
The 24th 29groups 1group 30groups Taiwan
The 25th 23groups 7groups 30groups Belgium,Taiwan,Indonesia,Korea
The 26th 23groups 7groups 30groups China,Taiwan 
The 27th 25groups 3groups 28groups Korea, Lithuania
The 28th 19groups 9groups 28groups China,Czech,Indonesia,Philippines,
The 29th 21groups 7groups 28groups China,Taiwan,Russia 
The 30th 23groups 3groups 26groups Singapore, Russia
The 31st 22groups 5groups 28groups Korea,Philippines,Malaysia
The 32nd 17groups 13groups 30groups China,Korea,Czech,Latvia

※For the 10th contest, special rules were set down as a commemoration contest. 
  Category-A...The music pieces composed during renaissance and baroque period.
  Category-B...The music pieces except Category A.

※For the 20th contest, special rules were set down as a commemoration contest. 
  Category-A...Renaissence・Baroque section
  Category-B...Classics・Romance section
  Category-C...Contemporary Music section

※The 22th contest participants were only domestic groups.
  Three sections were Renaissance and Baroque,Japanese work,and    Folklore,and 1st place to 3rd place were selected in each section.
  The overall champion was selected from those winners.